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Auto loan customers can make a payment on their account online by visiting the CSC Logic Auto Loan web portal at .  The site is accessible for customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Users will be able to review their loan and payment information, make online payments, and make updates to their personal information.

The site allows users to login to their account from their home computer, public computer, or mobile devices including smartphone.  It’s a free service that is a convenient way for users to monitor and manage their auto loan info.

How to Access AboutMyLoan

When visiting the Aboutmyloan web portal users will need to enter their User ID and password to successfully login to their account.  If you forget any part of your login credentials there are self help links on the homepage that will provide instructions on how you can retrieve that information.  For a forgotten user Id simply click the Forgot User ID link and for a forgotten password click the Forgot Password link.

First-time users of the About my Loan CSC login will need to register for online access by selecting the Register User button.  When registering you will need the following information to complete the process: Your Office Identification Code which can be found on your statement, 11 digit account number, last 4 digits of your social security number, zip code, email address, and create your CSC logic login credentials.

CSC Logic Login Dashboard

Once you’ve completed the registration process enter in your User Id and password to login to your account.  Once inside your account you will land on your account dashboard that provides a snap shot of your entire account in real time.  You will see your contact info, vehicle info, loan APR, loan balance, payment amount, past due amount, late charges, last payment, next payment due date, total amount due, etc.

Make a Payment

When making your monthly auto loan payment users can navigate to the CSC Logic bill pay Payments section of their online account.  At the section you can opt to pay your car payment via Western Union Speedpay, setup automatic monthly payments, pay by phone, pay by mail, or pay in person.  All of the information needed to make your payment is available in the Payment section.

Paying online with Western Union Speedpay requires users to setup their bank account for electronic debit, use their debit card for payment, or make a manual one-time payment via ACH.

Account Questions & Comments

About My Loan users that have questions or concerns about their account can utilize the Contact Us section of the site.  At this section there’s info concerning the address to send payments to, phone number for customer service, fax number for customer service, and the address of customer service.

The Comment section allows users to send comments about any features or functions of the website possibly that may not be working correctly.

If you’re not using the CSC Logic login to access your account get started today at aboutmyloan.com.

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