Activate Your Sears Platinum MasterCard Online

Sears customers approved for a Sears MasterCard of Platinum MasterCard can activate their card online at the Sears Card Registration site.  After receiving their new card in them mail they will need to visit the site and verify their card information.  Customers will need to have their card in hand so they can enter the card number, name on card, last 3 digits on the signature panel, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.  Follow the next few steps towards card activation which includes registering your account online.

Online access is a convenience for cardholders as they can view all of their account related activity through their online account.  They don’t need to wait for a paper statement to arrive in the mail on a monthly basis to review their transactions.  All current and past transactions are recorded inside your account for you to login and monitor.  Cardholders will need to create a username and password during the registration process to sign on to their account.

After you’ve created your login credentials you’ll be able to sign in to your account from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection.  Some of the benefits you will enjoy are online bill pay, review of your account summary, create and download customized reports, request credit limit increases, receive paperless statements in your email inbox, and more.

Managing your Sears credit card has never been easier and with the tools available you will be able to better monitor your credit account.  There are also alerts you can use to notify you of payment due dates or account balance changes.  These alerts are designed to help you avoid unnecessary fees associated with missing a payment due date or going over your credit limit.

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