Apply for a Chase Credit Card Online

Have you been notified by Chase that you’ve been pre-selected for a Chase Credit Card?  If you’re in need of a credit card now is as good a time as ever to consider upgrading your credit card to one of Chase’s popular credit card brands.  You can apply for a Chase Freedom, Chase Slate, or Chase Sapphire Preferred.  If you received an invitation to apply for a Chase card in the mail the brand that you’re pre-approved for will be advertised on your invitation.  The next step is to apply for the card via 3 ways online, phone call, or returning the paper application.

For customers who are interested in applying for their Chase card online they can visit (  To start the online application process you will need to enter your 12 digit invitation number, 5 digit zip code, and last name.  The invitation number is located on your paper invitation letter you received in the mail.  After entering in this information you will continue through with the rest of the application which only takes a few minutes to complete.  When you’ve finished and clicked Submit simply wait a few seconds to receive an instant decision on your credit acceptance.  If you’re accepted to receive a Chase credit card you will be notified of your credit limit and when your card will be sent to your address.

When you receive your card in the mail it will need to be activated.  There will be instructions on how to activate your card whether by internet on by phone.  After you’ve successfully activated the card you can begin using it.  If you are interested in earning rewards points please review all of the information available pertaining to your specific credit card on how to fully take advantage of the rewards points offered on purchases.  

As a Chase customer please consider utilizing the online account service that will allow you to login and manage your account.  It’s a huge convenience for customers as they can make payments, review their bonus points, monitor all of their transactions, review their balance, etc.  

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