Apps Download for HSN Purchased Phones

Customers who recently purchased a smartphone from HSN will need to activate their new phone online.  Instructions were given by the HSN hosts on how to activate the phones as well as the same instructions are included in their new phone package.  After activating the phone online at (  customers also have an option to download free apps that are available for installation on their phone.  These apps aren’t required but customers can take advantage of the free use of the apps.  

Before visiting the Simply App Pack website located at ( to get started with the download process customers may want to know what type of apps are included in the package.  The following apps are available in the App Pack:

  • Thinkfree Office Mobile – an alternative to Microsoft Office
  • Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary
  • My Family Meal Planner – plan meals, track calories, prepare meals
  • Pathway GPS Express Edition – outdoor GPS app
  • Workout Trainer Pro+ with 3 months service – choose workouts
  • 1 year service to SOS Online Backup – protect your private information and photos
  • Freeprints – photo app

Depending on your preference you can elect to utilize the Simply App Pack website and download these apps or not use it.  Many people will find these apps useful while others may decide to download other more popular apps.  The Workout Trainer and SOS Online Backup apps are premium apps that allow you to try them over a period of time and when that time period expires you will need to purchase them.

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