Attend Marco Kozlowski’s Free Wealth Building Workshop

At an upcoming seminar near you Marco Kozlowski, an expert in the real estate market, will be coming to your area teaching people how to make money in real estate.  Even during a down economy there are strategies that people can learn that will help them become successful in the real estate industry.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can capitalize on this open market reserve your spot today at the upcoming free wealth building workshop.

Some of the ideas and strategies you will learn at this free workshop are how to make 5-10k in the next 90 days, how to get money for your deals, where to find the best opportunities, buying investment or vacation property, how to acquire properties without putting any money down, how to get access to capital, and more.

When you attend the workshop you can expect to be there for at least 2 hours.  There is no charge for attending but there are additional support tools that will be available for participants who are interested.  There is a video on the workshop website giving video testimonials of participants who attended a seminar and followed the strategies given to become successful real estate marketers.

If you are interested in attending an event in your area please click the link HERE and reserve your spot today.

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