– Haier Product Registration Registration

To make registration at Haier registration site, simply enter the serial that came with the product together with its model number. If you have trouble locating the serial number there is a link on the homepage that will assist with locating the serial number tag on your specific product. It’s very helpful it you need this assistance.

Since for the registration, you will need purchase price, date of purchase, store product was bought, and the city it is better to keep the receipt. This information along with more of your personal info will establish a file for your product and will be available to verify ownership. After entering this information and continuing the registration process until completion you will activate any warranties that accompany registering, receive product alerts, tips, and monthly newsletters.

Whenever there is a need for the warranty, your warranty coverage and service will be fast as we will have all the required info. By also registering you can find additional tips on how to service your Haier product and other ownership information.

Haier Product Registration Benefits

The benefits of registering are ignored by many clients as they have to start the process. The biggest perk is you’ll receive a 3 month extended warranty for free on your purchase. The product already comes with a 12 month limited warranty which covers all defects in workmanship or materials including labor and parts. It is a good idea to take advantage of any warranty that comes with a product especially when all you have to do is to complete a free registration.

One more advantage of registering is to receive product alerts, monthly newsletters, and seasonal tips to personal email addresses. This is a great way for those who love Haier products to stay current on the latest product releases. You’ll also learn more about how to get the most from your purchase through the digital newsletters that will be sent.

To finalize the registration process of the product you bought please visit and signup for more online services.

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