Copeland’s Secret Shopper Online Customer Survey

Recent visitors to a Copeland’s of New Orleans Restaurant can take advantage of receiving a free gift just by completing an online survey.   Just for completing the online survey customers can enjoy a discounted meal or free dessert on their next visit.  The free gift is revealed at the end of the survey which only takes a few minutes to complete.  The free gift is provided in the form of a printable coupon that can be printed out and saved until your next Copeland’s visit.

The actual survey is harmless and easy to complete only asking questions based on your dining experience at Copeland’s.  The company wants to make sure you enjoyed the atmosphere and ensure that you were treated well by the entire staff the day you dined in.  The questions asked on the survey are multiple choice questions and you simply select the best answer for the question.

Before taking the online survey every customer should locate the receipt from their last visit.  On the receipt there are a few details that need to be entered on the survey site.  You will need to enter the receipt number, server’s name, date of visit, time of visit, and shopper invitation number which is made up of 8 digits.

Once again the survey takes only a minute or so and allows you to leave your opinions about your last visit to the restaurant.  If for some reason you had a bad experience there is a comment box on the survey where you can explain the details of what happened.

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