DeltaNet Employee Self Service Web Portal

The DeltaNet web portal is the online destination for Delta employees to access their company information and Employee Self Service.  The site is an extension of the Human Resources Department as many of the past functions that were reserved for HR can now be fulfilled by employees independently of HR.  Other features such as accessing TravelNet, DeltaNet Passport, and the New Employee Onboarding process, are all functions that capable through the web portal.

During the annual Open Enrollment events which each employee needs to elect their benefit coverage DeltaNet is very helpful as all changes and elections can be done online.  There is no time limit throughout any typical day for employees to make changes because DeltaNet is available 24 hours 7 days a week but employees need to make their selections during the Open Enrollment time period.

The Employee Self Service feature is important for employees to make changes to their personal/pay information including W-2, deductions, travel, etc.   Some examples of changes that employees can make while inside their account is name changes, adding dependents, setting up direct deposit, designate beneficiaries, starting your 401k benefits, review Delta flight plan, and much more.

For new employees trying to access the system for the first time you will need to setup your DeltaNet Passport credentials.  This information should have been sent to you via mail already in a pressure-sealed envelope.  The envelope will contain your unique 6-digit employee ID, 9 digit employee number, and instructions on how to establish your Delta Passport Password.  If you have not received the envelope with your instructions then contact the Delta Employee Service Center at 1-800-693-3582.

Employees can refer to the Help section of the web portal if they begin experiencing problems logging into their account.  There are step by step troubleshooting instructions available for use.

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