Free Access To PaycheckPlus Card

If you are a common employee who receives his/her salary via PaycheckPlus Payroll Card, you need to access your account (online) at the card website where all card holders can check the entire amount that was transferred by a company where they work. Moreover, you can log into your account for free and check your payment receipt online. Using the website of the card holders are able to control the card balance not only online but by calling using the number on the back of the payment card as well. All the calls are free.

It is really easy to log in. if you have no User ID, just write you’re the number of your card in the place of the User ID. If it is still tough to do, just use the link “First time login” where you can read a registration guide.

PaychekPlus card fees:
  • $1.75 – cash back
  • $ 0.75 - balance check
  • $ 0.50 – retail
  • $ 0.50 - money order via US Post Office
  • $4.00 – transfer money

The very first transaction is free. This rule is valid for each billing period. Other transactions require fees.

If you want to continue saving on fees the place where you live has to be provided with Allpoint ATM machines. If you have this type of ATM the fee will be cheaper, for instance if you need to withdraw your money. Moreover, there is one more free service - it is text alerts that reports about your current balance. The text alert can be activated inside your account.