– Login to AARP Provider Online Tool

The AARP Provider Online Tool is an online resource provided by UnitedHealthcare that offers users covered by UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement and Hospital Indemnity Plans access to healthcare information and services.  Through the site authorized users are able to store and review their health information which can be shared with their family and doctors.  A patients actual health care record is available for viewing which details their medical history, family health history, emergency health contact info, and more.

Healthcare professionals and doctors can login to the AARP Provider Tool and review their patients’ medical records on file and check on a patient’s claim status, review eligibility, review benefit details, and so forth.  All of the information available to users on the site is secure and requires a Username and Password to enter.  First time users will need to go through the registration process by clicking the “Registration Page” link on the homepage of (

Once logged in to the system users will have access to real-time information on a patient and their benefits.  To make navigating the site easier there is training available through the Web-Based Training link on the homepage.  Most users will find the site easy to navigate and find the exact information they’re looking for.  If you have questions about the site that may not be addressed in the web based training you can always contact your administrator who can describe the functions you’re looking for.

Users that are looking to file a claim can refer to the “Claim Filing Instructions” located on the left side panel of the provider tool.  There is an address given for specified claims to be sent and instructions on how to file those claims.  The Helpful Resources link is another resource for users to navigate to as there’s important information available concerning customer service, pre-certification requirements, and more.

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