– Login to Pay Huntington National Bank Mortgage

Borrowers of Huntington National Bank can access their mortgage information online at the Huntington My Mortgage Access site.  The site allows users to make monthly mortgage payments, review their payment history, review their balance and payoff amount, and make any necessary edits to their personal information.  The site is quick and easy to use and is convenient for mobile users who want to access their information through a mobile device or smartphone.

Borrowers who are using the site for the very first time will need to register for online access by visiting the homepage of My Mortgage located at ( and clicking the “Register” link.  The registration process requires users to create their login credentials (username and password) while also entering in their loan number, social security number, email address, and create security questions.  Once this information is completed the user will have full access to the site and their online mortgage information.

Customers can conveniently submit monthly payments on their mortgage by setting up their personal bank checking account for electronic drafting.  There is a “One Time Drafting” link on the left side of their account that will allow them to submit a manual payment.  Users can also elect to do automatic pay which will automatically pay their mortgage on a set day each month.  This option prevents the customer from forgetting their due date and possibly incurring a late fee charge.

The online service also allows users to download certain mortgage documents particularly for tax purposes.  Any questions a user may have about their mortgage can first be answered by reviewing all the information provided inside their account.

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