– Krowd Darden Online Access for Employees

Employees of Darden restaurants can access their employee paystubs, W-2’s, and benefit information online at (  The Krowd site allows users to safely and securely sign on to the Darden Network to review their individual employee information using their home computer or mobile devices.  It is a self-service website that allows employees to manage their employee information while away from the job.

New Hourly Team members who have not established their login credentials can visit ( and select the “Find/Activate Account” link.  You will need to complete the short enrollment process including setting up your username/password and your security questions.  The security questions are needed for verification purposes just in case you forget your login info.  New Managers needing to setup their online account will need to communicate with the Help Desk to get their account properly setup.

Employees should know if they forget any part of their login credentials they will receive 5 attempts to login to their account and you still cannot remember your login details your account will automatically lock you out for 30 minutes.  After the 30 minutes you will need to use the “Forget Your Password” link to reset your account.

The site allows employees access to their upcoming work schedules, view their employee benefits, connect to human resources for questions, request days off, communicate with management, etc.  It’s a helpful site that is very convenient for employees who have access to a smart phone, laptop, or other mobile device.  If they want to check their work schedule they can easily login to the network without needing to call into their job.

When logged in to ( there is a lot of company information designed for all employees to read.  Company bulletins and featured news about certain projects help to keep everyone involved and in the know of what is going on with the company.  Employees can learn about company stocks and how they are faring in the stock market as well as employee information like anniversaries.  DISH is the avenue that the company can communicate with all of its employees in one location.

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