– Pay Your Bill Online

Patients that have received a statement in the mail from Etactics Inc can visit the Etactics Customer Access Plus payment portal at to make an online payment.  Etactics Inc is a 3rd party provider that submits invoices for the healthcare industry and accepts payment on their behalf from patients.

Etactics Customer Access Plus

At their secure online payment portal patients are able to perform a number of functions including make online payments, view their statement, update their contact information, and submit questions.  To begin utilizing the payment portal users will need to enter their billing statement PIN and 5 digit billing zip code that is located on their statement.

The same information that is found on your Etactics invoice will be electronically shown when you logon to view your statement.  You will notice your invoice number, amount due, due date, billing contact information, account number, etc.

Make A Payment Online

For users that are making a one-time payment the Etactics Customer Access Plus system is a convenient service.  You can submit your payments easily and super quick as they are processed the same day.  Patients have the option to pay by electronic debit from their personal checking account.  You will need to setup your checking account for payment by entering in your bank routing number and personal checking account number.

Customers also have the option to pay by mail which is a slower way to submit your payment but it’s still available to you.  On your billing statement you will notice the section that says, “Please make checks payable and remit to:” Use that billing address to submit your check to.  Please know that it will take up to 5 to 7 days before your payment is processed due to mail travel time.

If you are making multiple payments you will need to setup an online account which means creating a username and password so you can easily login and pay your bill.

This service is available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Take advantage of the online bill payment service to submit your bills faster and have the option to pay via your home computer, smartphone, or other mobile devices.


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