– Apply for Fortiva MasterCard

Consumers can apply for a new Fortiva MasterCard Credit Card in case they were pre-approved at This fact can be got via a card mailer. From the beginning, the Fortiva MasterCard has the initial credit limit at the 0 levels. The Fortiva credit card is worth holding as its credit limit is always growing. Thus, you can get a doubled sum after 9 months of usage. All you need is to make payments in time and not to create delays.

Fortiva Credit Card Acceptance Code

The first step requires you to visit the official website as you need to get familiarized with the bank's and card's policies/rules. You will need to find your Acceptance Code and enter it in the submission field on the Fortiva application homepage. The Acceptance Code makes the procedure faster and simpler as the system uses it to identify you. Then the computer will fill in some info instead of you. This is helpful as it speeds up your application only requiring you to complete details such as your salary, employer, mortgage/rent payment, social security number, etc. It should only take a few minutes to finish and after clicking submit you will receive an instant decision that can take up to a minute.

You will be notified about the new amount of the credit limit after the systems will check your account and data. A Fortiva credit card will be sent to your mailing address so you can begin using it. If you do not receive an instant decision it may require more time to process so you will need to check back later.

Fortiva Credit Card Apply By Mail

Call at Fortiva customer service after 7 business days to get informed whether you were approved or not. It is much easier and convenient for consumers to simply visit the online application site and complete that process which is dramatically faster than replying by mail.

It is also possible to apply for the card by sending the Fortiva mailer back. You will need to attach your application! Complete it and mail it back to Fortiva Financial. With this process there is no instant decision as you will need to count for mail travel time and processing time.

The Fortiva MasterCard Credit Card offer is active during a short period so it is better to complete the application procedure before its end. Normally credit card companies will give consumers around a month or so to take action before they pull the offer. You will need to enter your Acceptance Code on the homepage of the application site as it is personalized specifically for you.

Fortiva Credit Card Review – What to Consider?

In general, the Fortiva Mastercard credit card is a nice option for clients who have a poor credit limit. It can be considered a starter card for many users and if this is your first credit card here are some key factors to consider when applying for this card:

  • Consumers also want to ensure if there is an annual fee for using the Fortiva card. If your credit is score is so low that it is prohibiting you from applying for a card with no annual fee then you may have to accept a card with an annual fee until you’ve shown through your credit history that you’re responsible.
  • The mailer doesn’t specify the APR on the credit card so when you apply online make sure to find out what the APR is on the card before you commit to applying. You need to be aware of the interest the card is charging so you can compare it with other credit cards in this range.
  • Are there any other additional fees charged for using the card? You’ll want to count up the cost with any credit card concerning its fees. Knowing them upfront will save you unnecessary charges that can be difficult to keep up with and pay.

It is necessary for potential holders to read all the information related to the card before applying as they should understand whether the card is affordable for them or not. This Fortiva credit card review along with the mailer you received does not specify every detail about their credit card so you will need to find this information during the application process. If you consider their fees and rates too expensive then consider other credit card options. Take advantage of this offer to apply for a Fortiva Mastercard by visiting

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