jjktrainingportal.com – J.J. Keller Online Training Portal

J.J. Keller created a special platform for signed up students that offers them lots of useful and informational courses arranged employer. It is located at jjktrainingportal.com.

Thematic articles and instructions associated with DOT, construction, HR, Hazcom, Hazmat and so on can be found there. The site is operating without any pauses or delays.

JJ Keller Training Portal Login

The JJ Keller Training Portal requires users to create their personal accounts that can be logged in with a certain usernames and passwords. This information should be provided to you by your employer which will arrive via email.

In the email, you will receive a link to the student portal and your login credentials, username, and password.

As you successfully login to your JJ Keller account you will be shown the list of available classes/courses you can choose to sign at. There will also be a blue launch course link on the right of the screen and when the student is ready to begin their class they can simply click the launch course link. All the instructions needed to take the class are provided after clicking the link.

Course Instruction

It is advised to log out your personal accounts inside the system to avoid unauthorized access to your data by third parties. After finishing the course your employer will be notified via email informing them that you’ve completed the course. A completion certificate is available for students for finishing their assigned courses which can be provided to you by your employer or printed out yourself inside the training portal.

The service works according to users' free time so any user can make pauses during the classes if there will be such a need. To stop the course simply click the exit course button which there are two buttons located at the top and bottom of the course. Once you return to restart your JJ Keller course you can simply select launch course and it will restart exactly where you left off.

Moreover, these information resources can be viewed by students an unlimited number of times (this allows them to remember and learn new information better). When it’s time to take the final exam it can only be taken 1 time for some courses while other courses the exam can be taken over again up to 3 times.

Before the usage of jjktrainingportal.com be sure your PC is powerful enough to meet the system's technical requirements. Refer to the FAQ section of the training portal.

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