– Login to PNC Retirement Directions

PNC Retirement Directions is an online platform designed for employees that allows them to manage their retirement accounts that are totally sponsored by an employer. Any registered user can enter the account after a simple login procedure that requires to be provided with certain login credentials. Retirement Directions gives employees a huge variety of tools that are used to manage retirement funds according to their needs.

PNC Retirement Directions Features

The Tools & Resources informational tab gives users lots of data regarding their retirement savings. It’s a resource rich site that can provide plenty of information and assistance to employees without having to login. Users can learn from the information provided by Retirement Directions then login to their account and utilize what they learned to better manage their online account.

Account owners may easily get any details related to available funds, data provided, any contributions, etc. For employees that are transitioning companies or possibly retiring and who need to make a decision about rolling over their retirement into another employer’s plan or an IRA, users can direct their funds and make these decisions from inside their account. There is a Rollover and Distributions Options form available on the site for users to complete and have a representative call them back for assistance.

Retirement Directions Portal

It's better to ask a PNC advisor to tell you the necessary instructions and account management rules to avoid undesirable problems in the future. Users can also utilize the Chat Services feature which allows you to communicate online with a PNC Representative. The service is always available between the hours of 8 am to 10 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Moreover, users can even utilize the platform via a mobile application compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone. It makes accessing their account info very accessible without having to go to their browser and type in The app allows users to easily track their retirement account and investing while on the go.

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