Login and Order Staples Supplies Online

Staples Advantage is the online destination for businesses to order and continually re-order supplies for their office/workplace.  Depending on what your office needs from new chairs to janitorial supplies at the online Staples Advantage website you can browse the online catalog of thousands of items and make an order fast and easy via your online account.

By having an online account users can easily manage their ordering and account activity by simply logging in.  Once you’ve accessed your account there are multiple features on the inside that will allow you to track each individual order from the time it is approved until it arrives in the mail to your destination.  Customers can enjoy easy real time monitoring of their items to ensure they are available and know for sure when they will receive them.

For companies that have several employees with authority to order supplies there are restrictions that can be placed on each account.  Each user can be given limited spending limits that can be set by an authority within the company.  This feature will only allow them to spend a certain amount on supplies which is totally controlled by their restriction.

Adding and deleting users is another feature available to online users.  If an account has persons from various departments within a company then packages can be sent to different locations.  Each online user has the ability to create reports pertaining to their account activity including past/present ordering and spending totals.  The reports will show them all of the items they’ve ordered and help them to manage their costs better.

With the Staples Advantage Mobile App on your smart phone or mobile devices customers can access their account directly and order on the go.  The options to approve orders, create shopping lists, barcode scanning are all features associated with the mobile app.  With the app you’re in control of everything while you’re away from the office.

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