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Apex Payroll’s Employer OnDemand is a special online platform designed for company employees. This self-service portal is located at and can be used round the clock. Among its main options are employees' pay stubs checking, managing personal data provided earlier, showing any tax information, etc. What is more, it also allows users to get familiarized themselves with W-2s, time & attendance documents, paycheck deductions. All users have to do — to use special login credentials such as login and a password. This online product makes every working day much easier as employees do not need to visit/connect with companies' HR/Payroll departments every time they need any help.

How To Log In SelfService EmployerOnDemand

The Employer OnDemand web portal can be found at via any browser. It is necessary to admit its convenient interface and simple login procedure which allows users to get any info related to their payroll files. Through their login credentials employees can access this information on any computer private or public including mobile devices.

The access to their file is secure but users will need to be sure their log out of their account completely to prevent anyone else from having entry to their info.

Every employee has the possibility to manage his/her personal account in different ways (change personal information, view available files, change password/login and read notifications). They can make changes to their name, address, add dependents, tax info, etc. All changes made will be electronically submitted to HR for final approval before it is updated in their account.

Employees will also have access to past and present pay stubs. They will be able to research previous years’ payroll information such as compensation statements, deductions, paid time off, direct deposit accounts, and more.

Apex Payroll Employer OnDemand

In case your employer connected his company to Apex Payroll System you will be able to check all worked hours/attendances and compare this data with past/future pay stubs. They can review their regular hours worked and overtime hours recorded in the system. Salary information for hourly and salaried employees are recorded as well for employees to review.

The Employer OnDemand site is stated as a unique online tool designed for employees. It helps them to check their salaries growth at any time via the Internet.

Moreover, the Employer On Demand system allows users to run payrolls from any locations round the clock. The site is secure using state of the art technology to protect all of the sensitive information that is available. Report making is another viable feature with OnDemand as payroll reports from each pay period can be created.

Employers or employees can log in to the Apex EmployerOnDemand at to view their payroll in real-time.

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