– Pay Your HSN Bill

HSN Credit Card members can access their credit account online by visiting the HSN Credit Card Center at  The site allows cardholders access to their credit account so they can view their purchases, credit limit, credit balance, APR, additional fees, billing statement, and more.  The service is available to HSN customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week to access from any computer with internet access including their smartphones and mobile devices.

HSN Comenity

HSN Comenity is a convenient way for HSN customers to manage their HSN credit account.  From their sign in portal using their User Name and Password customers have a secured access to their account information.  This service is the best way for cardholders to manage all of their HSN credit information without having to depend on monthly paper billing statements to arrive in the mail.  Everything is in real time for customers to better manage their account.

First-time users of HSN Comenity will need to enroll for online access by selecting “Register for Online Access” on the homepage.  The enrollment process is very quick only requiring you to enter your HSN credit card number, zip code, last 4 digits of your social security number, and create your login credentials.  Once you’ve completed the online registration your account will be established and you can begin signing in to your new account.

HSN Online Billing Statements

Through their online account members can review all of their transactions online while also having the option to view their billing statements.  There is no need to continue receiving those statements in the mail when they can be viewed electronically.  If there’s ever a need to update your account information such as a change of address this information can be edited easily by the card member while logged in.

You can setup your account to notify you when your billing statement is ready to be viewed inside your account.  When it has been prepared you can login and view your paper billing statement in electronic form.

HSN Pay Bill

Having the option to make online payments is an important convenience for members.  Through their online account members can make their monthly payment without any additional charges.  Members can setup their account to draft payments from their personal bank account.  To ensure extra fees aren’t incurred it is advisable that members make their payments prior to 6pm on their due date or else they will have to use the Pay by Phone option which has a fee attached.

The Pay by Phone option is available for any card member who wants to continue using the service.  There is a different number for each type of HSN credit card (HSN Card or HSN MasterCard).  The customer service number for the HSN card is 1-888-724-6649 and the HSN MasterCard number is 1-866-702-9947.  For members who would like to continue mailing off their payment they can send their payment by mail to:

Comenity Capital Bank

PO Box 659707

San Antonio, TX  78265

If you haven’t begun using the online service center yet visit to sign up which only takes a minute and begin accessing your HSN account online.

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