– Continental Finance Login

Continental Finance customers that have an open credit card account with one of Continental Finance brand cards including the Surge Card, Verve Card, Matrix Card, or Cerulean Card can access their account information online at  The site allows cardholders to securely view their balance, due dates, payment info, billing statements, etc.  This information is available to members through the Cardinfo site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

Verve Credit Card Login

The service is free to sign up for and only requires a simple registration process to complete so users can setup their account and create their login credentials (username and password).  When registering for first time use Verve and Surge credit cardholders will need to enter their credit card number so their account can be setup then answer questions that have been established for first timers, and create their login credentials. By establishing a username and password members can fully take advantage of their online privileges enabling them to access their account from any computer or mobile device that has internet access.  The service is great for cardholders when on the go they can check their balance or make payments from their smartphone or iPad.

The Surgecardinfo login is a great resource for cardholders as they can monitor all of their recent transactions online.  They don’t have to wait until their next billing statement to arrive in the mail to list all of their spending and account activity but can login to their anytime and view all of this information in real time.  If there are any questionable charges charged to their account they can contact customer service immediately and receive assistance.  It isn’t necessary for members to continue receiving paper billing statements in the mail either as they can signup to receive their statement online.

Surge Credit Card Login

The fastest and most convenient way to make payments on your credit card is by logging in to your Verve credit card account and paying via electronic debit from your personal checking account.  You will need to setup your banking and checking account information inside your account for online paying.  The site is free to use and there are no additional fees for making online payments.  Cardholders that wish to use other methods of payment can resort to paying by telephone, Western Union Quick Collect, MoneyGram Express Payment, or by mail.  The mailing address for payments is Continental Finance, PO Box 31292, Tampa, FL  33631-3292.

Bill payments can be made online which includes submitting payments via bank draft.  Payments are posted inside your account the same day they are initiated which is convenient as you don’t have to worry about sending off a payment 7 days in advance (allowing for mail travel time) to ensure it arrives before your scheduled payment due date.  Simply login at (bookmark this site in your web browser) and make your monthly payments with ease.

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