– Apply for Lyft Driver Job

If you are seeking some part-time earnings and you have a vehicle, you should think about becoming a Lyft driver in your free time through website.

Users should find the online application website and type in how many hours they are available to work and it will propose the amount of money they can earn working those hours. See the “Utilize the See How Much You Can Make Feature” at the apply website and type in your desired hours and zip code. The feature will calculate how much money you can make working the amount of hours you want to work.

Driving Lyft automobile is a good way to earn some additional income. Lyft drivers can earn up to $35 per hour driving your own car to take passengers wherever they need to go. If you have some free time in between your work hours or on the weekends you can easily generate additional income by being a Lyft driver.

What is Lyft?

Lift is a kind of taxi service that employes people to drive for them, utilizing their own vehicles to take passengers wherever they ask. Lyft has a smartphone app that passengers and drivers use to connect with one another. When a passenger needs a lift somewhere they will utilize the app to request a ride and the nearest Lyft driver will accept the request to come pick the passenger up. The passenger however pays for the ride via the smartphone app which is a completely safe transaction.

How to Apply to Become a Lyft Driver?

There are some requirements, which your vehicle must meet, so you should make sure it before applying for a Lyft Job. These requirements need to be met before you should apply for a driver position.

Vehicle age: 2004 or later (there is a chart that lists cities that require vehicles to be more current so please review)

Engine/suspension/brakes: these features must be functional with no problems

4 doors: all Lyft vehicles must have 4 doors that open and close from both sides, and can lock and unlock from both sides

$250 bonus: after getting accepted and completing 50 rides within 30 days drivers will receive a $250 bonus

Seat belts: vehicle must come equipped with working seat belts and have at least 5 seat belts inside the vehicle

Lights: all lights need to function, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights

Body: car needs to be free of body damage and dents

Tires: tires need sufficient tread

Windows: need to be free of cracks, functional, and mirrors likewise

Wipers: need to be functional and in good condition

Horn: must be functional

Seat adjustment controls: front seats should move forward and backward

Tailpipe/muffler: exhaust system should be within state standards lacking modification and excessive wear

A/C and heat: air conditioning and heat should be functional

Lyft Driving Requirements

Age requirements: must be at least 21 years old with an active driver’s license for at least 1 year

Driving Record Check: drivers must undergo driving record check and criminal background check

DMV check: driving record is checked by a third party company

Background check: background checked for criminal offenses and driving incidents

Driver’s License, license plates, and insurance: current and valid driver’s license, valid plates with current registration, current valid insurance with your name on the policy

Smartphone: must have a current smart phone, iphone 4 or newer running iOS 7.0+ and Android devices running 4.0+

In the case, you and your vehicle meet these demands and you still want to apply for a driving position at Lyft, you should visit website and enter your personal information on the short online form. The initial form basically asks for your name, email address, city, and phone number.

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