Motown 25 Yesterday Today Forever Deluxe Collector’s Set

Relive the history making concert that debuted on May 16, 1983 that so many people still remember vividly, Motown 25.  The entire concert that was aired on NBC has been captured on DVD and recreated into a collector’s set entitled, “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever.”  The collector’s set not only includes the 2 hour concert but over 14 hours of bonus features and a 48 page booklet.

The Motown 25 Deluxe Collector’s Set has extended versions of the show and features extensive information about the superstar’s that performed.  Customers will receive behind the scenes photos,   rehearsal footages prior to the concert, roundtable discussions, exclusive interviews, and more.  All of this VIP information is beautifully placed inside the Motown 25 deluxe collector’s box.

Here is a glimpse of more of what you can expect to watch on the DVD’s:  over 40 classic Motown hits performed, producer’s and performer’s roundtable, Stevie Wonder rehearsal, exclusive interviews with the stars, collection of Motown songs, featurettes, etc.  There are many interviews and features on superstars and Motown history that you’ll want to see.

Perhaps the most standout performances from Motown 25 are the host of the show Richard Pryor and the unforgettable performance by Michael Jackson as he premiered the MoonWalk during his Billie Jean performance.  You will be able to witness all of this and more over and over again with your very own exclusive set of DVD’s.

There are 2 online offers available for customers to select from which are the 6 DVD’s in the Deluxe Collector’s Box ($79.95) or 6 DVD’s plus 8 CD’s of Motown’s favorite hits ($159.92).  All orders come with free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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