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Preapproved customers who received Mid America Bank & Trust Company pre-approving for a First Access Visa Credit Card can apply for the card at This applying requires their reservation Code as their personal identification.

First Access Visa Credit Card Reservation Code

Take into account that pre-approved reservation number means that you have been vetted as a prescreened candidate for the First Access Visa Credit Card. Based on information retrieved from your credit report you meet certain criteria required to apply for a First Access card. You are not guaranteed a credit card until you complete the application process for further review.

You can find your reservation code for the First Access on the received mail. The code is located at the bottom of your letter and is composed of 8 characters. There is a specific field on the application site where the reservation code should be entered which will begin the application process. Online Application

Those who provide the reservation code will be redirected to the next page where they need to enter some personal financial data for further review, including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Whether rent or own
  • Length at residence
  • Social security number
  • Create security passphrase

After completing the online application users will receive a response on their credit acceptance or denial in under a minute. Of course, applying online at the pre-approved access visa website is not the only way to get a credit card. Attached to your mailer should be a paper application that you can complete and mail back in to the return address on the letter. The online option is a much more convenient way to apply because it’s so much faster mailing in the paper application. Finding out you’re approved only takes a minute with the online route while the mailing route can take up to 7 days to find out a decision.

First Access Visa Credit Card Details

Clients with fair to bad credits can use this particular card. You may be in the rebuilding stages of repairing your credit and this card is just for you. It comes with the Visa logo that is accepted online or in stores by merchants nationwide. If approved customers are required to pay an processing fee to open their account. This will be subtracted from your approved credit limit.


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