Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal Login Guide

Employees that fall under the umbrella of the Golub Corporation chain of supermarkets including Price Chopper, Market Bistro, and Market 32 can utilize the Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal Login to access their online account.  

From the online web portal Price Chopper Direct Connect Teammates are able to access their employment information including work schedule, HR/Payroll information, benefits, and company news.  The online portal is an extension of their HR/Payroll departments allowing each employee more control and access over their company information.

Price Chopper Employee Login Details

To access the secure portal employees will need to know and enter in their Unique ID, Password, and click the Submit button.  For first time employees new to the Price Chopper sign in will need to go through the short registration process.

First Time Registration Process

There is a summary page that new users must visit to get started enrolling in the online site.  The summary page can be accessed at this link:  Follow the next few steps to complete the process:

  • At the summary page select User Management located in the upper right portion of the screen
  • You will then notice the User Management window appears and displays 3 links:  Change Password, Reset Password, and Register
  • Select the Register link

The next window that will appear is the Register window that you will create your login credentials and setup your security questions.  The process will go in this order:

  • Enter your Unique ID
  • Enter your Password
  • Confirm your Password
  • Select your Question One from the drop down filter
  • Enter your Answer One
  • Select Your Question Two from the drop down filter
  • Enter your Answer Two
  • Read Question Three question – What are the last 4 digits of your SSN?
  • Enter your Answer Three
  • Click Submit button

Direct Connect My Portal Password Change

In the event an employee forgets their password or wants to change it they can visit the same summary page as mentioned earlier and select the User Management option at the right of the screen.  The User Management window will appear with the same 3 links Change Password, Reset Password, and Register.

Depending on what you want to do (change password or reset password), make your selection and go to the next screen.  The Change Password option requires users to enter their Unique ID, old password, new password, and confirm password.

The Reset Password is a three step process that starts with employees entering in their Unique ID.  Continue to step 2 and 3 to complete the process.

About Price Chopper Supermarkets

The Golub Corporation supermarket chains operate throughout New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.


Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal Login

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