Receive a Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card

Have you received in the mail a credit card offer from Merrick Bank?  If you are looking to rebuild your credit and have difficulty getting approved for a credit card then take advantage of the pre-approval offer to receive a Double Your Line Visa credit card with a $550 credit line.  The best part about this deal with Merrick Bank is you’ll have an opportunity to increase your credit line to $1,100 after a 7 month period if you consistently make your payments on time.

The perk of doubling your credit line after 7 months is a nice attraction for anyone desiring to receive a legitimate credit card.  Other perks you can expect with the card is there are no over the limit fees which are a turn off for most people who use credit cards regularly.  The over the limit fees are unnecessary and will easily balloon your credit card balance.  There is no need to worry about that problem with a Merrick Bank Visa.

To ensure that you’re on the right path to rebuilding your credit cardholders are provided a free service called goScore which offers your FICO score for free every month.  This service is especially helpful so cardholders can keep track of their score and see how using their Merrick Bank card is benefitting them.  On a monthly basis you will have access to your credit score and see what factors have changed it as it increases or decreases.

Some things to keep in mind when you pursue this credit card is consider the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) which is 27.70% and will vary with the market.  For any cash advances that you receive you can expect to see your APR increase to 32.70%.  There is an annual fee of $48, one time account setup fee of $75, and for any additional cards issued there is a $12 fee assessed per card.  These additional fees will be subtracted from your initial credit line.  The late payment fee is $35.

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