Test Your Business Internet Speed with Comcast

Normally when a business signs up for fast internet service with an internet provider they rarely check the quality and speed of their internet service connection.  They don’t know if they’re getting the fastest speed possible through their provider or not but one thing for sure they are being charged full price for high speed internet.

Right now Comcast is offering business customers an opportunity to know how fast their current internet connection is with their current provider.  They’ve made it easy to know exactly by simply utilizing their online Internet Speed Test.  The test measures business internet upload and download speeds giving actual data about your current service.

The online test will display your speeds and afterwards Comcast will allow you the option to upgrade to their Comcast Business Service.  Their Speed Test Challenge says, “If we can’t offer you faster speed or bigger savings on your internet service, we’ll give you $150.  This is a worthy offer for businesses as they can receive a discount on their internet service as well as entertain offers for faster speeds.

Like with most cable/internet providers any deals they offer are only available during a limited time.  If you decide to upgrade with Comcast with one of their plans your special rates will last until 9/30/14.  This deal is only for brand new customers to Comcast Business.  There are plan options for internet speeds from 16/3 mpbs to 150/20 mpbs.

To learn more about the deals available through Comcast please visit the link HERE.

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