– Online Traffic Citation Payment

The Citations Processing Center can be obtained online for customers to review and cover their citation securely and conveniently. It may be retrieved at 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Users may use their home, computer, or mobile devices to look at their citation from the web site online. Until the citation is paid it'll be visible through the Citations Processing Center.

Users who opt to cover their traffic citation on the internet through ViewCitation is going to have the choice to reassess their breach evidence, court data, and make a payment all in precisely the exact same location. It is a simplified procedure for consumers and so long as you've got your citation handy with your payment information you'll be able to look after the sum owed fast and easily.

In the website you'll have to input your Citation Number and PIN number. This info is which can be found on your paper ticket you obtained. After entering within this information you will have access to your whole breach to reassess and any applicable court advice.

Creating a payment to cover your fine demands the usage of a Mastercard or Visa charge card. Enter in your credit card information and submit your payment. Payments submitted through the site are processed over just a few days.

Reasons for Receiving a Citation

Citations Provided by Automated Traffic Enforcement Camera Applications are Primarily dealt with by the Citations Processing Center. These citations are speed offenses or light. Here's some advice about each are processed:

Red Light Violations: These type of citations are given to vehicles that have been registered or leased in your name. The automatic camera which in most cases are posted on a traffic signal take a snapshot of your vehicle.

The camera that takes a snapshot of your vehicle is only activated when the traffic light is on RED. It is not on during the amber or green lights. Whenever a vehicle crosses that stop bar which is located previous to running the traffic light and the light is in the midst of changing from amber to red, the Automated Traffic Enforcement Camera automatically turns on and takes 2 snapshots along with recording the entire event.

Speed Violations: These violations are given out when vehicles are traveling over the speed limit in excess. The cameras are posted in certain locations and will automatically detect speeding and will take 2 snapshots of the speeding vehicle while including the date, time, location, and red light length on the photo.

Basic Points to Understand

Citations that are received due to speeding through a traffic stop or running a red light are not considered a traffic ticket but instead a civil citation. It is comparable to a parking ticket but still needs to be paid. If not paid there could be requirements to appear in court.

The civil citation is also not reported to your insurance company and will not go on your driving record. If you feel you received the ticket in error or if there is some type of issue you have with the ticket you can request an Administrative Hearing by calling the Citations Processing Center at 1-855-370-4229 otherwise visit to make your payment.

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