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Cerulean Mastercard cardholders have to try all the advantages of the special card managing platform located at ceruleancardinfo.com. Round the clock platform can be used by customers within card account managing. All they need is to log in successfully by submitting their usernames and passwords. This online service is also compatible with any modern devices like tablets or smartphones.

The online platform has a convenient interface that provides users with all the information related to their balances, past transactions, or saved payment history. A user can also check his activity within a certain month and analyze his/her expenses. There are a number of features accessible to members that will help them manage their online accounts more efficiently.

How to Access Cerulean Credit Card Login

The necessary registration stages are creating a few security questions and password/username. Once you’ve established your username and password and finished registering you can now login to your online account.

The platform belongs to Continental Finance and it requires newbies to create their personal accounts at first. At the homepage there is a Register Now section that has a space to enter in your 16 digit credit card number. Enter in that number and select the Submit button.

Make Your Cerulean Card Payment

Do not delete your bank’s routing number as it will be used in pair with the checking account number in the future. Then you will simply need to choose the option called "pay by check". There is also an auto-pay feature that will schedule your payment on a certain day each month for automatic payment.

Users are even able to set up the procedure of monthly Cerulean payments so that they will be made automatically. For many individuals, the easiest and most convenient method of paying is from the Cerulean credit card website. The option to pay is inside your account via electronic debit from your bank checking account.

Other Payment Options and Details

If you do not have Internet access you can rely on offline payment methods — by mail, WU or a telephone. Whichever option is more convenient for you simply make your selection.

Pay by Mail

Take to mind — payments sent by mail should have your credit card account number (you have to note it on a check).

Mail payments to

Continental Finance Company

PO Box 31292

Tampa, FL 33631-3292

Pay by phone


Pay by Western Union Quick Collect


State – DE

Pay by MoneyGram Express Payment

Receive Code 5854

Newark DE

Customer Service

Cardholders may ask the Customer Service department for any help associated with card usage problems at 1-866-449-4514. This is pertaining to any questions about the website or how to access it. Another contact option is via fax at 1-302-454-7952. Be sure to include your full name and address on the fax document.



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