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For customers who are seeking a prepaid Visa card with great advantages, there is a proposal in the form of a prepaid visa NexisCard card-it is a comfortable selection for anyone who wants to consider.

This card provides the possibility to take advantage of a lot of functions that can help manage and control their finances while utilizing the Visa logo which is taken in most places around the world. Many consumers who do not prefer to utilize a checking account take advantage of the services of a prepaid card.

Nexus Card Features

Nexis card offers customers an easier way to pay bills with the bill pay option. There’s no need to have a checking account or write checks when your NexisCard account is your electronic checkbook. The available bill pay feature will allow you to designate how much money you want to pay towards a bill and a check will be mailed out to the payee. There are no fees attached including no postage fees. Any reoccurring bills such as utility bills can be automatically setup and sent from your account.

With Nexus Card, cardholders can Deposit cash to their card either by rebooting or by direct Deposit from their employer or tax refund. Cardholders can elect to receive their paychecks onto their card via direct deposit and students can also take advantage of this option when they are receiving money back from financial aid. By choosing to receive funds onto your card ensures you will receive your money sooner than waiting on a paper check and you can save money on check cashing fees.

Nexus Card Benefits

Using their accounts, cardholders can better manage their financial transactions and in real-time to see the movement of their funds. The account balance and transactions are easily visible so you can see all of your spending. If you need help with overspending or budgeting a great feature that is probably underused is the alerts feature. If setup and utilized properly you will be notified by email or text when your account has activity changes.

The card also allows customers to check their balance and transaction history by enabling the 2 way text feature, which will allow you to retrieve account information via text without logging in to your account. There are a host of other features users will enjoy about this card and can be found at www.nexiscard.com.

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