– Apply for Reflex Mastercard

Consumers interested in applying for a Reflex Mastercard can visit and complete the short online application.  At the end of the application process consumers will receive an instant decision on their credit acceptance and if approved be extended a credit limit of $500.

Your Reflex Card

The online application site is easy to use requiring users that were directed to the site via a mailer or email offer to use their Reservation Number/Social Security number to confirm their reservation.  If you were referred to Your Reflex Card without a reservation number there is an option for you to apply online without the number.

The application process requires users to enter their name, home address, email address, phone number, length of time at your current residence, own/rent, checking account, etc.  To speed up the process have this any information you’re not sure of handy so you can be expedited through the Reflex credit card application process.

Reflex Mastercard Review

The Reflex Mastercard is a credit card designed for individuals with less than perfect credit and is simply a tool to assist you with getting your credit history back into shape.  If you’ve had trouble getting approved for other more reputable credit cards then the Reflex card is a viable option for you if you plan to use it responsibly.

The major highlights of this card that every person should consider before applying are listed below:

  • Annual fee $125 for the 1st year, afterwards $96 per year
  • Monthly maintenance fee $10 equals $120 per annually, not charged the first year
  • When you account for the annual fee and the monthly maintenance fee together you will total $216 per year in extra fees. This is an important factor to consider when applying for this card.
  • $30 additional card fee – for each authorized user you add to your account
  • No rewards program
  • 49% APR variable rate
  • Late payment up to $37
  • Credit limit $500, initial available credit will be $375 minus the annual fee or $345 if you choose to have an additional card. The additional card fee is $30.
  • Cash advances have the same rate as purchases 30.49% APR including a 5% transaction fee or $5 cash advance fee. There is also no grace period and interest begins accruing as soon as it’s posted to your account.
  • A secured deposit will be required for individuals that are not approved for an unsecured card

Reflex Mastercard Login

After receiving your new credit card and making purchases you can check your account balance, credit limit, and transactions online by visiting your Reflex Mastercard login at  It’s a free service that will keep you up to date on your account in real time and the biggest reason you should utilize your Reflex credit card login is there is no charge when making payments online.

Making monthly credit card payments from the other available options can prove to be costly including paying by Western Union, by phone, or by mail.  There is a $10.95 charge for paying your bill by phone which can totally be avoided by simply paying from your online account.

Other features of the online service is enrolling in e-statements which is a convenience in comparison to receiving paper billing statements every month.  When you e-statement is ready you will receive a notification and you can login to your account to view it.  It’s simply a digital paper statement.  The Reflex Card Info site will save you time every month and is a convenience to use.

Reflex Credit Card Tips

Considering the Reflex Mastercard is designed for consumers who are trying to rebuild their credit you will need to be ultra-responsible when using this card to get the most out of it.  Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Because the APR is so high it is advisable to try and pay off your balance each month so you won’t incur the high interest charges.
  • Pay your bill on time each month
  • After using the card for 6 months to a year and with your account being in good standing consider applying for a new credit card that offers a better interest rate.

Your Reflex Card is a tool to help you improve your credit score so you can begin receiving better interest rates on loans in the future.

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